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Thanks for visiting us. If you are looking for a psoriasis, dermatitis, dandruff and seborrhea control product, Dermabon has a lot to offer you. We invite you to learn about the beginnings of this idea that became a highly demanded product for its effectiveness. Do not hesitate to contact us.

About Us

The president of Dermabon Ing. José María Licona comments in this video presentation why he started with this project at the age of 20 due to a psoriasis condition. Since then it has been reaping successes with this faithful product, helping many people who suffer this sickness. We invite you to watch the video to get to know Dermabon and its creator.


Testimonials from people who use Dermabon with Psoriasis and Seborrheic Dermatitis




DERMABON is a Natural treatment made in an artisanal way, its presentation is in a 90 gram bar of soap, It effectively controls Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Dandruff and Seborrhea. It can be used by anyone, including children. It does not contain corticosteroids, it has no side effects, it has no contraindications. Over-the-counter product.

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How to use

Remember that while doing your Dermabon treatment you cannot use other medications that contain corticosteroids . For more information, contact one of our advisors.

Application in cases of psoriasis.

Dosage: 2 times in the morning 2 times at night.

Process: Start a warm shower for 3 minutes to soften plates, favoring penetration. Rub the soap with water on affected skin until lathering. Massage with your fingers and leave for 7 to 10 minutes. Rinse with plenty of water. Repeat this process one more time (We must do it 2 times in the morning and 2 times at night).
After washing, moisturize the skin with a good cream several times a day, you can also apply cream Calendula, this helps reduce inflammation and heal.

Approximate time to achieve control: 1 to 3 months of daily use.
Application in cases of dermatitis.

Dosage: Atopic dermatitis: 1 time a day.
Contact dermatitis on the hands: 2 times a day.

Process: The soap is rubbed with cold water on the affected skin until lathering (the foam is little and green in color), the soap is released and the foam is massaged with the yolk of the fingers always in the affected areas, leave to act for 7 to 10 minutes, rinse with plenty of water without leaving residues on the skin. After each wash, always moisturize the skin with a good moisturizer throughout the day.

Approximate time to achieve control: Between 25 to 30 days of use daily.
Application in cases of dandruff.

Dosage: 1 time a day.
Process: Start by wetting the scalp with warm water, then rub the soap with water against the scalp until lathering, loosen the soap and massage the foam obtained on the scalp, let it act 7 to 10 minutes, rinse very well then hydrate with argan oil or Lubriderm cream sparingly, if dry scalp occurs.

The rest of the hair should be washed with salt-free shampoo and conditioner and, if possible, containing argan oil, avoid touching the scalp, if you are going to use styling creams or other hair treatments, these should be applied in medium to ends and without touching the scalp.

Approximate time to achieve control: 1 to 3 months of daily use.

Use tips

Some usage tips. For more information, do not hesitate to contact your Dermabon advisor in your country.

In case of redness

In many cases and depending on the type of skin, it can react to the soap by reddening the skin. in that case apply aloe vera or aloe vera crystal (Scalp, face, body).

In case of itching

Applying calendula cream, baths with rosemary leaves, baths with calendula leaves, reduces inflammation and favors skin regeneration.

In case of having used corticosteroids

If your body has consumed corticosteroids in the short and medium term, you need to detox. Contact your advisor for more information.

Let's talk about food

For the treatment to be effective, it is necessary that we follow a controlled diet.

Foods that we should avoid during treatment

beef pork Meat sausages fats sugars refined salt preservatives
dairy products drinks with alcohol

Foods that we can eat during treatment

fish chicken grains and legumes fruits vegetables water natural juices salt without sodium avoid stress

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About Dermabon

DERMABON is a highly effective natural treatment against psoriasis, dermatitis and dandruff. All rights reserved.

DERMABON has the Quality Certification of Kosher International Comunity.

Approved by National Psoriasis Foundation The United States of America.


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Dermabon has a FDA certification of United States of America.

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